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Solar Pros

Pros & Cons of Going Solar

by solarguru
Solar energy is derived from the sun. To use this energy solar panels are required. Solar panels convert solar energy into the conventional power we are all familiar with. Solar panels are traditionally mounted on south facing rooftops for residential solar systems. As solar technology has continued to improve, more countries are looking at converting to solar for the purpose of reducing dependency on fossil fuel reserves. Residential home owners employ large scale solar arrays to reduce monthly bills from conventional service providers. Under optimal operating conditions, residential solar systems will also provide surplus energy back to the traditional grid, [...]
Personal Solar

Solar Battery Chargers

by solarguru
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Solar power is often referred to as the eco-friendliest form of alternate energy we can take advantage of and use for all our daily energy needs. People from all walks of life are becoming aware of the need to protect the environment, which has resulted in movements toward incorporating various alternate energy systems such as solar. There are several types of solar powered battery chargers to choose from, many of which have similar functions, and all of which cover the price range from cost effective to overly expensive. Compact personal solar recharging equipment often uses a small solar panel attached [...]
Roofing Tiles

New Solar Roofing Tiles from Tesla

by solarguru
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The merger of Tesla Motors and Solar City has been approved and at the same time new solar cell roofing tiles have been unveiled by none other than Elon Musk himself. During the announcement of the merger, at the Los Angeles location of Universal Studios, Musk showcased the new solar roofing tile designed to take over the residential market with a more aesthetically acceptable model. The new solar roofing tiles are exactly that; they are solar cells that have been redesigned to resemble conventional roofing tiles, making them imperceptible to the untrained eye. Rather than stick out like a window [...]
Residential Solar

5 Reasons to Invest in Solar

by solarguru
Are you currently considering installing solar equipment, but haven’t made the decision to get off the fence and make the investment? If you have the finances to invest in solar technology, now is the right time to do it…and here are five reasons we think you should get on board with your alternative solar energy project. Excellent Home Investment Opportunity: Solar panels are an excellent home improvement investment opportunity. They offer advantages for the short term as well as the long term. Unlike other home improvement opportunities like installing a metal roof, enlarging a closet, redecorating the bathroom, etc., solar [...]
Solar Tech

The Cost of Solar Continues to Drop

by solarguru
According to recent reports from the Solar Energy Industry Association, the United States currently has the solar energy capacity to provide power to over 6 million homes. The cascading cost of solar energy equipment continues to boost the popularity of this alternative energy platform. The solar industry has recently experienced rapid growth rates, averaging a 43{214553009cdd43935fdcb0df8f884cc9f4ed9e6e1b7c09281dd4de8f07817868} increase with each successive year. The SunShot Initiative developed by the DOE (Department of Energy) aims to bring costs for solar into a competitive price range with traditional grid supplied services by decade’s end, which is just 3 short years away. The initiative calls [...]
Wind and Sun

Off Grid Energy: Solar & Wind Combo

by solarguru
Energy derived from ample sources of wind is provided by wind turbines. Industrial wind turbines consist of enormous propeller blades that are driven by the wind. Often mistakenly called wind mills, in reference to older designs of similar fashion previously used to extract water from the well, today’s wind turbines are extremely efficient and very effective at converting energy into electricity. Obviously, they work best in regions where weather patterns historically indicate there is sufficient wind to drive them. Power generated by the wind, like power generated by the sun, requires battery banks to deposit and store excess electricity generated [...]
Solar Bulb

Off Grid Energy: An Introduction to Solar Power

by solarguru
Generating power using the sun is currently the most popular option for producing alternate energy. Environmentalists, eco-friendly companies and individuals, all claim that solar power provides a pollution free platform for generating off grid energy. Conventional energy companies are also starting to assemble, install, and incorporate solar arrays with existing energy grids; the reduced cost of maintenance, ease of repair and safety advantages over current infrastructure components used to generate, store, and direct flow of power. The solar industry employs battery banks that house rechargeable batteries, which are available from several manufacturers. The industry has also recognized the various branches [...]